Pealtkuulmise harjutus - eavesdropping

Juba esimesel tunnil sai meile ülesandeks kuni koolituse lõpuni tuua endaga klassiruumi kaasa uusi ja huvitavaid väljendeid ja sõnu, mida me kuuleme bussis, poes, tänaval, peres...
Kahe nädala pärast oli neid kolme suure plakati jagu.

2. juuli

  1. Your eyes are bigger than your belly. - Su isu on suurem, kui ära süüa jõuad.
  2. It will come out in the wash. - Küll see välja tuleb! Küll see laheneb!
  3. to sleep like a log/ a baby - magama kui nott/ beebi
  4. a glitch = a problem, (a good weather turned to be bad)
  5. It bugs me = irritating
  6. No hard shoulder for ...m/yards = used in the traffic; there are lanes on the highway - inside lane, middle lane and outer lane. If there is no hard shoulder for several yards, you can use inside lane for emergency instead.
  7. chit chat = small talk
  8. to be on the same hymn sheet = in the right place doing the right thing

3. juuli

  1. turn a blind eye to something
  2. clotted cream ice cream
  3. to be on cloud nine = extremely excited
  4. to be over the top (OTT) = too much of something
  5. to be two-faced
  6. dogs' yard around the clock
  7. fight the flab = excessive weight/ fat
  8. to have a spare tyre (around your waist)
  9. a beer belly = fat
  10. Someone is picky/ fussy = fussy eater
  11. It could spell the nail in the coffin for something = nail - the last thing; it could mean the end of...
  12. tabloids (create its own words) / broad sheets
  13. a golden goodbye = a golden handshake = the last day at work, sent away
  14. savoury = salty
  15. whacky (adj) = eccentric/ mad/weird/ "off-the-wall"
  16. danger seats - klassis, kui istud kohas, mis õpetajale kõige rohkem silma jääb
  17. self-effacing (adj) - tagasihoidlik, häbelik
  18. stodgy (adj) - quite heavy (for food)
  19. keep stumm (quiet) = don't let the cat out of the bag
  20. celeriac - used for salads
  21. parsnips = white carrot
  22. use your loaf = use your head (East London, cockney)
  23. to have a butcher's hook =look
  24. apples and pears = stairs (go up the apples)
  25. the dog and the bone = phone
  26. £5 - fiver
  27. lagy Godiver
  28. rub (a dub-dub) = pub
  29. kohlrabi - nagu kaalikas, aga rohkem maa peal
  30. bum - back side, arse
  31. bun = apie
  32. potty mouth = dirty mouth, rude in a nice way
  33. wellingtons = säärsaapad
  34. I can it 'till cows come home = so delicious

4. juuli

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